2708-2710 Frontenac Ave., Stevens Point

General Information

2708, 2710 Frontenac Ave., Stevens Point, WI

This 2 story over-under duples is very spacious, clean, and is in a very central location in Stevens Point, WI.

Each unit has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a large kitchen, and large sized living room.

Each unit has a large private basement space for storage and laundry; as well as a private garage.

The property offers a good sized back yard for grilling or entertaining.

Utilities are not included with the rent at this property. Tenants pay their own gas, electric, and water.

This property owned and maintained by Hastings Property Group, LLC, a related company to Hastings Properties, LLC.



The front of the building.

The front, which faces East.

The garage and back yard.

The garage and back yard area.

The back of the building.

The back.

Upstairs Apartment - 2710 Frontenac Ave.

Upstairs Livingroom

The upstairs living room.

Upstairs Livingroom

More of the upstairs living room.

Upstairs Kitchen

The upstairs kitchen.

Upstairs Bathroom

The upstairs bathroom.

Upstairs Bedroom 1

Upstairs bedroom 1.

Upstairs Bedroom 2

Upstairs bedroom 2.

Downstairs Apartment - 2708 Frontenac Ave.

Downstairs Livingroom

The downstairs living room.

Downstairs Livingroom

More of the downstairs living room.

Downstairs Kitchen

The downstairs kitchen.

Downstairs Kitchen

More of the downstairs kitchen.

Downstairs Bedroom 1

Downstairs bedroom 1.

Downstairs Bedroom 2

Downstairs bedroom 2.